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It has become increasingly difficult to find temporary housing for policyholders and businesses in certain regions of Northern California recently.  Be sure to join us in July for training regarding accurately reserving strategies, brush up on your real estate terminology, review all options for temporary relocation and learn how to minimize your Loss of Use claims.  With recent disasters such as the Valley Fire and Butte Fires in 2015, this topic is very relevant.

Date:                        September 28, 2017

Time:                       12:00 Noon - 2pm

Location:                1330  Broadway, 4th Floor

                                  Oakland, CA

*Lunch is provided.  Members free. Guests, $10.  RSVP Now!

Presenter: Legia Oswald

VP, COO, Assured Relocation

Daniel Williams

Hagen Streiff Newton Oshiro



PCAP extends its gratitude to the 3 gentlemen pictured above for their presentation in San Francisco May 18, 2017.  The topic was the evaluation  of Business Income and Inventory claims lacking sufficient documentation. Sometimes our well intended, itemized requests for profit/loss statements, bank accountant statements and all of the other information necessary to accurately evaluation a Business Income loss gets ignored or the response falls short. The resounding theme of this presentation acknowledged the disparty between the ideal collection of up to date business records our policyholder's and claimants should have based on our academically influenced expectations and that in some instances, and for various reasons, the information we think we need simply does not exist.  In those situations, creative thinking and investigative tactics are required in order to do the best we can to evaluate these claims. We at PCAP thank these gentlemen for spending their afternoon with us and imparting their experience and insights on this subject.

Kelley Chang, RGL Forensics